MNY Group 2020 April Newsletter

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In April we have included Topics including:

Covid-19: Your stimulus and rescue package explained
A legislative package has been pushed through Parliament which contains a number of bills that implement the government’s economic response to the spread of the coronavirus.

e-bikes, FBT, and salary sacrificing
Entering into a remuneration package to secure a vehicle through a salary sacrifice arrangement is a popular option offered to employees. However the ATO has issued a ruling on another particular set of wheels that opens up both a tax and health incentive.

Individual or corporate trustee for your SMSF?
When establishing a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF), one central decision to be made early on
is if the trustee structure is to consist
of individual trustees or a corporate trustee. Between these choices, you can have up to four individual trustees, or one company that acts as trustee (with that incorporated body having up to
four directors).

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