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We provide a wide range of accounting services to assist you – whether you be a business or an individual.
Our goal is to relieve the paperwork pressure for you, while saving you both money and time.

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Why Choose MNY Group

“My accountant is good. He helps with my tax since my first tax lodgement. But sometimes I do not quite understand the information he explained. It is too technical for me.”

“I started as a sole trader and now my business employs ten employees. It seams that my accountant cannot cope with the matters arising in relation to the business growth/”

“The tax office recently contacted me for a tax audit. My accountant asked me to talk to the tax office by myself. What should I do?”

“I wanted to start up a new business but I do not know where to start. Whom can I get help from?”

“I am extremely business with my business operational matters. I keep missing the lodgement deadlines with the ATO and ASIC. I need to organise the paper work in a better way.”

If so, it may be worth for you to invest one hour with us to discuss your ongoing business & tax matters.

We are not only your accountants but your business advisors and partner. Proactivity, Personalisation & Professionalism are the keys attributes that we guarantee to deliver to our clients.

There is nothing to commit until you are 100% confident with the proposal we recommend.

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